Aaron Kreider's Student Activist Dwelling
Ok, so this is my old Notre Dame personal website which I recently moved to CampusActivism.org after losing my Notre Dame account in May 2004. I created this site before I knew much about web design. But rather than alter everything to make it look better, I decided it'd be better to fix the links, update some of the text, but otherwise preserve the "look".

My (Old) Student Activism Website

My main project: Energy Justice Map - mapping dirty energy and waste facilities, and networking activists to stop them.

Blog - my musings on activism, radio, politics, and more.

Website I'm working on to facilliate networking between student activists: www.campusactivism.org

Things that shouldn't be here

Goshen College Archives
But where else would I put these items?

Please email me, especially about activism or anything radical.

Aaron Kreider
Philadelphia, PA

Last updated: February 4, 2011.