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PAX is Goshen College's peace club.  We (well I graduated so I'm more alumni now) meet on Tuesdays at 5:30pm at Westlawn Lounge. Try showing-up sometime.  We do anything, well what I mean is that PAX serves as the general activist group on campus and focusses on a very wide range of issues.  Last year (1996/1997) we did:

History: PAX once was known as Students for Shalom (three years ago) and before that simply as Peace Society, and has frankly been going since at least the Fifties.

Little known fact: PAX has an office.  In the HUB.   Check it out sometime.

Even less known fact: PAX has an archive in a file cabinet in the office. Lots of newspaper clippings and other related material especially from 1996/1997. Material dates back to around 1991.

The PAX email list, running since December 1996, is archived, someday it will be archived here.

PAX 1994-1995 : what we did    (or what I recall)

PAX 1995-1996 : what we did  

Pax Minutes


PAX email list:     (our discussion and announcement list)

Our Fearless Advisor:

PAX member most likely to check email:

Our mascot: Paxie      (care of tim godshall)

PAX's archnemisis, the leader of Students Against PAX: (*actually email is futile since he fled to Germany*)

*Note: PAX is really a Marxist-Leninist vanguard party of the proleteriat that is devoted to the promotion of the armed struggle,  the overthrow of the bourgeiosie, the victory of socialism, the internationalization of the fight, and the general promotion of SIN.  This is most clearly seen in the shocking occasion when Paxie knowingly distributed Hershey Kisses during final exams to students.*