Troublemaking 101
(or PAX 310: Modern Radical Activism)

PAX 310 is a one hour student-taught May Term class which will be offered at GC beginning on May 1st (*hmm, a coincidence?*).

The Story Behind it All: One night, while lying in the back of a car driving home from a SEAC (student environmental action coalition) conference in PA, I decided to organize a May Term class.  Well I did, and it got approval by the academic dean, so now it's gonna happen. Basically this course will take a look at radical thought, tactics and movements that currently or recently existed in the US.  The objective is to teach ourselves the basics on how to challenge, pressure, and change structures for the goal of creating a more just society.

Title: Modern Radical Activism
: Peace Studies, PAX 310: Issues in Peace Studies

Professor: Mary Linton (in the role of a faculty resource person)

Requirements: Students should be ready to work hard, and desire to prove that students can teach themselves relying on motivation other than grades.

Course Description
A survey course examining modern radical movements, ideas, and actions by people on the fringes of society who are seeking social change. A student-taught class from an activist perspective.

Course Style
The course will be taught by small groups of students (2-4) who will present a topic to the class that they have researched

Course Objectives
All students will:

Possible Course Topics

Some topics will be divided into sub-topics, while others may not be used at all. I realize that the topic list is far too extensive for an one hour course. The organizations listed are intended to be used as a starting point.

Selection Criteria
1. What we can present, due to our prior knowledge, or things that we are eager to research.
2. Topics that are relevant to students today, with practical applications or actions we can do.
3. What the class as a whole is most interested in pursuing. Additional topics that aren’t covered this class, could be covered in a similar class at a future date.

-We need to meet four hours a week
-Most likely three times per week for one hour and twenty minutes. (Mon/Tue/Thr 1:00-2:20pm)



Preliminary Schedule
1st meeting (Thursday): discuss structure, schedule/assign topics, discussion on how to conduct research (possible radical resources), and if we have time a discussion on why we’re taking the class.
2nd meeting (Monday): Bryce and I will present radio/media issues.
3rd meeting (Tuesday): Another student presentation (#2)
4th meeting (Thursday): Pastors for Peace might show up with a Caravan for Cuba (if not we’ll do the 3rd presentation).
And so on, with six more meetings and six more student presentations.

For more info, to modify/add to course, or if you'd like to attend, email: