Student Activism Links
This has more student activist links than any other site I know. My hope is to help build a strong multi-issue, multi-paradigm student movement by facillitating networking, cooperation, and resource sharing. Some of these groups are too sectarian for my taste, others are too moderate, and others are so awesome that they get most of my spare time and cash. Most links are up to date, however some webpages are old as some groups either fail to update or fade away. Before I started the Notre Dame Progressive Student Alliance (in Feb. 1997), I looked at a couple of these organizations to see what they were doing and tried to model our organization off the others.

As it is very difficult to come anywhere close to having a complete list of student activist groups, I've specialized in multi-issue and anti-sweatshop ones, as well as national networks. RECENTLY I've been working on a website (like that will be a hundred times more advanced and comphrehensive than this one. Please checkout It's new as of May 2002. It's big!

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