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My "more than just another" Tetris Clone (clone)

Features include

Really the major reason that the game has become fun for me again is because I included a set of new blocks, NONE of which appear in the original game.  It takes a bit of time to get used to them, so the game is challenging again!  Best working, most flexible program I ever wrote.  I love it!

Total Freeware, download it: Tetris.zip (fixed link as of April 2008)

A drawing program that a friend (who did most of the work) and I wrote for a project in my first ever programming class in high school in grade 11.  Needless to say it is more complicated than anything ever that is required of computer science majors at GC when I attended.  It has a mouse interface and allows you to draw basic shapes, change colours, save and load files, and is frankly amazing that we did it so long ago.

Download: Badcad4.exe (the application) Badcad4.pas (the source code)

Other old programs: I also wrote a risk odds calculator (calculates exact odds to 7 decimal places of winning a battle in risk), a Canadian Election simulator (using real election data - but unfinished), and a Corporation game (similar to Monopoly - but you have corporations go around the board instead of players, and the players invest/control the corporations), and an AI program that plays Connect Four (unfortunately the version I saved is buggy).

This programming was done in Turbo Pascal 7.0 for DOS because it compiled and runs very fast on my DX-66 with 4 megs (and now even faster on my pentium 200 clone).  Also I have no clue how to do graphics for windows using Borland C++, and it takes forever to compile.  Finally the differences between the two at the level that I'm programming are miniscule (I once converted my tetris program to c++ for dos and it didn't take much time at all).  Oh yeah, the title is just me using hacker-elite wannabe speech because i did a paper on it and think it's perversely cool. Currently as of 2001, I've focussed more on using php/mysql to do web applications -notably my Activism Network software which is much more advanced that this earlier work.



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