Light Pollution Map - Where to See the Aurora Borealis

This is a cool google map of light pollution.

I was using the map today to figure out where I could go to view the aurora / northern lights that are likely to reach Earth at 1am (EDT) on July 14 from a X 1.4 class solar flare that is apparently heading directly for the Earth (some large solar flares produce small or even no aurora if they aren't directed at the Earth). I leave in Philadelphia, and it looks like the best location is in the Blue Ridge Wilderness Area in NY - about 6-7 hours drive. The ridge is 2000-3500 feet, runs east to west and would have a nice north face that would block out light to the south AND let you see the Aurora Borealis peeking over the northern horizon.

Probably also a decent indicator of radio frequency interference. Areas with few people/limited light pollution are likely to be good spots for radio amateurs and shortwave DXers.

The Space Weather Prediction Center has an updated forecast of the flare and its impact.

I've never seen the Aurora Borealis. Tips: go North/South depending on where you live (or more exactly towards magnetic north/south). You want clear night skies (no light pollution, no clouds, no/limited moon). You want darkness (so winter beats summer).

The aurora on July 14th might be seen from mid-latitudes in the United States. So driving north isn't necessary.