Appeal for Help – Creating an Online Network Drupal Module

Statement of Purpose
General: Online network software that includes people, groups, events, resources (a.k.a. files), schools – and several less useful things (email lists, campaigns). Users submit information and then control it. Features include: geocoding (both US and international), mapping, total syndication using web-services (the software is separated into server and client parts), international language support, interconnections (people can be connected to groups, that can be connected to issues, that can be connected to resources and so on), and more.

Specific: Targets the needs of activists (including people new to activism, part-time activists, and full-time organizers). Particularly useful for grassroots organizations with limited resources.

Running on and with 3700 people, 1500 groups, 430 resources and 1400 events.

Developer Site:

Ways to Help
1) People willing to give me guidance relating to integration with Drupal. On questions like best practices for module development, how to use existing Drupal modules, how to combine my system with Drupal, etc.
2) Developers
3) Users who want to give feedback on features

My Experience
-5 years PHP/MySQL development, 10 years doing activism.
-Installed a couple Drupal sites, and have studied online documentation. But am new to module/theme development.

Start off by integrating with the Drupal user system and for the most functions just port existing code. In the long run, integrate with more existing Drupal modules or split my code into smaller parts that can be turned into Drupal modules. One of the problems with integrating with Drupal is that my software uses web services to do a lot of its work.

If you are interested, email me: