Activism Network 3.2 Beta Release

I'm proud to release the latest version of Activism Network.

The new version is Beta because I did a large number of changes to the structure of the code that might have unforseen consequences. So I suspect more bugs than version 3.1.7 (which was relatively very stable and low on bugs).

The main goal of the release is to make it easier for other developers (including myself) to modify the code and to customize it. For instance, I turned the javascript navigational menu into a global array - to make it possible for you to change it all in once place, and without understanding the rest of the code.

Also, I removed a rather silly differentiation between "object" and "table" which has caused me endless amounts of problems ever since I introduced it to avoid restriction on mysql reserved words (like "user" and "group"). I used "object" for the name I wanted to display on the screen, and "table" for the mysql table name. Now the table name and object name is the same for everything. I still have a "display name" for objects, but it isn't used in the code logic the way that "object name" was. The one downside of this is that displaygroup-10.htm is now displaygroups-10.htm -- bad grammer since it really is displaying a single group, but probably not a big user concern.

I did a lot of other stuff which is all documented in the release notes.