MSN New Search Goes Live

MSN had been testing their new search engine for months. Now it is online. At least some of the time. You won't always see it. This being online is a bad thing because they didn't improve it.

I'm mad that the number one ranked website for "activism" is a spam site. It belongs to a network of inter-linking websites that are all owned by the same company. These websites do not rank in Google. Probably Google banned them for being spam. This spam site has a keyword density of almost 50% in the meta keywords and description tags.

The websites in this network have public forums. Their forums suck. They make money from ads.

The website ranking #2 for activism is about men's activism. AKA reinforcing the patriarchy (this site does well on other engines too so I cannot complain too much though I miss search engines could realize that activism is a politcally loaded term that should have 90% or more of the results being from the left). The third ranked site is a commercial variation of the Open Directory - they made it slightly different so they could get ad revenue. Yeah more spam.

Some people on are raving about MSN - probably because their sites rank well which is lame.

Some of the other sites in the top ten deserve their ranking.