Sanders 2016 Events - A Spatial Justice Test

I used my Spatial Justice Test to do an analysis of the demographics (race and income) of who lives near where Bernie Sanders 2016 events are being organized.

The surprising result is that white people are the least likely of any race group, relative to their percent of the general US population, to be near Bernie 2016 events

Here is the analysis

I'm guessing that white liberals in cities are organizing lots of events that are near to people of color, due to the makeup of a lot of cities. The fact that so many Hispanics are near the events might be due to California.

You can use the Spatial Justice Test to do your own analysis of this or a million other possibilities! You can create a CSV file with latitudes and longitudes, upload it, wait a bit (can take several minutes if you have 1000 points and want to test many distances) and get your results!

The Sanders 2016 event data came from