Allows a Misleading Petition on the US Presidential Election While Deleting My Petition

I recently wrote a petition on calling on PredictIt to settle election prediction markets as the election in my estimation was 99.9% over and I felt that prediction markets should do timely settlement of markets. As by refusing to settle an election market, they are encouraging people to doubt that the election is over and this promotes conspiracy theories. DELETED my petition without any notification. It said the petition was misleading but did not provide any instances of misleading claims in the petition. I'm guessing they didn't like my claim that the election was 99.9% over. They are of course wrong. The election result is settled.

Now it is one thing to delete my petition (which was unlikely to attract more than a couple hundred people), but they have gone a step farther by allowing a petition that challenges the result of the US 2020 presidential election and makes MISLEADING claims. As of today this has over 2 million signatures.

"Our aim is to have the entire election recounted or re voted with better overwatch of how votes are received and counted."
This petition seeks to either needlessly delay the result or to overturn the results of the election.

"The voters of the United States of America are tired of the misrepresentation that the media gives to the election. "
The petition challenges the calling of the election by Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, and other outlets. They seek to create a vacuum to increase uncertainity which will allow people like Trump to claim to have won, while not having done so.

"We feel certain States have acted unconstitutionally in the lack of transparency as to where votes have come from and how they have been processed."
The petition makes UNPROVEN allegations about the unconstitutionality of acts by states. So far these have been DISPROVEN in court. This is intentionally MISLEADING.

"We also ask that no media outlet be able to report the votes cast for one candidate or the other until such time that 100% of the vote has been received and counted and verified."
The petition wants to reduce the transparency of vote counting. Instead of transparency, they want to hide the vote counting process in a manner similar to that which is used by dictatorships.

I've reposted a new version of my petition to Let's see if they delete that! This time I was smart enough to save my petition on my computer, as when they delete it they don't even give you access to the text.