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Future 5000 - Networking for Youth Activists

I've been having conversations with people who are organizing a website called the
Future 5000.

"Future 5000 is the largest online network of progressive youth organizations in the history of this country. This searchable online directory and networking site will help us better visualize and organize our movement, people, activities and resources. Using this tool, organizations will be able to:

• develop a leadership pipeline

• strategically build our movement

• ultimately redesign the U.S.A. and our relationship with the rest of the world"

The Next Generation MySpace/Friendster

I'm predicting that in the next five years, ten million young people will be using a online social network similar to Second Life. It's going to be the next MySpace/Friendster.

I think the time delay will be due to the fact that Second Life still takes a good deal of computer resources (at least I'm suspecting that if you don't have a decent video card it will be slow), so it will take a couple years for the computers to get up to speed, someone to hit on the perfect balance between features and ease of use (Second Life is probably too complex), and luck.

Check out Second Life. It's an online universe where you can design your character, meet people, do things, and it's absolutely huge. It's free too. There is a game economy that converts to the real-world economy - an actual exchange rate for game dollars to real dollars.

Advocacy Developers III Conference Announcement

AdvocacyDev III, Oakland, July 31 – August 2
The third convening of organizers, activists and
developers working with open source tools for
online advocacy and organizing will take place in
Oakland from July 31 to August 2. If you're
passionate about creating better tools for online
activists and organizers, please join us for
knowledge sharing and brainstorming!

Sessions will include:

* Show and tell on all the latest open source
eAdvocacy platforms and tools, including the
latest from CivicSpace/CiviCRM, Radical Designs
Activist Mobilization Platform (AMP), GoodStorm, and others,

Geocoding with Google Maps

Google Maps now has a Geocoding API for street addresses. Haven't tried it yet. I'm guessing it works off the Tiger database. Will be interesting to compare its accuracy with (an open-source geocoder). Though I'm not really into street-level geocoding (zip-level is adequate for my aims)

Find Out Your Website Demographics - Gender and Age

MSN has a new site where you can see who searches for different keywords as well as the

gender and age of people who visit your site

This site is "female-oriented" with a 65% number. I'm not sure if they mean that 65% of the visitors are female, or if there is a 65% chance that the majority of the visitors are women.

For age, we get twice the number of under age 18 users and some strange results in the other brackets (why are we getting a normal showing in the 50+ age group?).

Mapping Global Warming

Someone created a mashup that lets you see the

Impact of global warming using Google Maps.

You can see the land that will be covered by water, based on different predictions of sealevel rise.

He's using a 50 GB NASA data set for altitude data.

ZNet Renovation

Justin Podur recently wrote an article about

Free Software and ZNet

They are renovating their site and you can help the project by joining in on the
Wiki and Forum.

They are going to use Drupal.

Networking Software - General Use

Check out this example of general usage of this software. Using Campus Activism/Activism Network for non-activist purposes -- A Soccer Network.

It's based on the latest software build (which isn't yet publicly released), and is not a finished product.

It uses .po files to translate the language into "non-activist" english. For instance, "issue" is replaced with "tag".

You also need to create your own database to store the information and several other things which I'm going to make e

Outfoxed - Personalize Your Internet

You can use this Firefox plug-in to transform the way you see the Internet by trusting your social network to let you know what's good, instead of multi-national corporations.

Get OutFoxed plug-in

Unfortunately it doesn't yet work with Firefox 1.5. So I wasn't able to test it. But I enjoyed reading the online documentation/thesis about it. This is the kind of thing that could become REALLY BIG.

I'm not sure how well it can handle multiple dimensions. For instance, almost everyone should trust me on issues of spyware, whereas my views on politics are more subjective. Ultimately there are an infinite number of dimensions of knowledge.

Using Maps for Effective Progressive Messaging

Activists need to embrace the use of maps in our campaigns.

Maps allow you to make information more appealing to the reader, without dumbing down the content (for instance, you don't have to turn your argument into a short slogan). Complex statistical arguments about the correlation between one factor and another are much easier to grasp if they are presented in a nice chart, or better yet, a map.

Currently I'm guessing that we're on the threshold of a coming wave of activist maps. Here are several factors that will start the wave:

1) Google Maps API - has created a renaissance in maps on the internet by making it very easy to create a map, and by provoking a number of competitors (notably Yahoo and ESRI) to provide free APIs.

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