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Nationalize the Federal Reserve Bank - Who's $2.9 trillion?

During the recession the Federal Reserve Bank essentially printed a large amount of money to buy up mortgage assets (some toxic, some not) and government debt.

They bought the debt on the secondary market to assuage the guilt of politicians and economists who don't like the idea of the government printing money. Regardless of that, the Federal Reserve Bank now has $2.9 trillion dollars of assets. Fortunately the Federal Reserve Bank is essentially owned by the federal government and it pays its profit to the US treasury.

Wellbrook Loop Antenna - Resources List

I recently purchased a Wellbrook 1530+ loop antenna to receive shortwave and mediumwave (aka AM) radio stations.

The information about this amazing antenna is scattered all over the internet - so I'm compiling a list of resources for people considering buying it.

There are two companies that produce small (one meter diameter) loop antennas that do a great job of rejecting locally produced electronic noise while still receiving desired radio signals.

Capitalists against Climate Change

I've been wondering what it will take for the world to get serious about climate change.

What is the closest example of a large multinational effort to tackle a problem?

Notre Dame recognizes a Student LGBTQ and Allies Organization!

This is amazing news. The 4 to 5 Movement (a project of the Progressive Student Alliance) did a great job and I think they mobilized more support than ever before.

Two articles:
A big step

President Jenkins interview

Upcoming Activist Events - Importing into Google Calendar and other calendars

You can import the events from into Google Calendar, your website calendar, and other calendars by using these links:
Upcoming Events
All Events

These feeds are based on the iCal format which is widely used by calendars.

When the calendar updates, then your calendar will as well!

Progressive Voting Guide - US President 2012

One of the advantages of not being an official nonprofit organization is that I can explicitly endorse candidates. Official nonprofits are limited to doing biased voting guides. Like this one =)

This is a small sampling.

US War on Iraq
Romney - For
Obama - Against, but for the occupation
Stein (Green Party) - Against

US War on Afghanistan
Romney - For
Obama - For. Increased number of US troops.
Stein - Against

US Military Spending
Romney - increase

Top Myths about the Ineffectiveness of Third Party Voting

There are a lot of misconceptions among American liberals, progressives, and radicals about how the political process in the United States works. Most people feel that they are trapped in a system where they must choose between two political parties (Democrats and Republicans) if they want their vote to count. In fact, I will argue that voting for either of these political parties is the least effective thing you can do!

Myth #1
Your vote for a D or R candidate will make a difference in the election outcome.

Reducing Your Water Consumption

As I recently bought a house, I have been researching how to reduce the house's consumption of water and energy.

We have a 90 year old triplex in Philadelphia.

Anti-Biomass Incineration Newsletter

If you want to stop global warming then you need to know about the False Solution known as "Biomass Energy" (it produces CO2, methane, particulate matter, SO2, NOx, and other harmful impacts). The Energy Justice Network is building a network of activists fighting biomass incinerators and working for clean energy alternatives.

You can subscribe to the monthly Biomass Monitor.

Light Pollution Map - Where to See the Aurora Borealis

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