Solidarity for Social Change
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We are a network of individuals and representatives of groups in solidarity for social change. We are building up energy for a multi-racial movement for social justice that actively makes connections between our many struggles and open up lines of communication and cooperation between the many groups active within the activist community, Third World community, the arts community and the faith based activist community both on and off campus. We want to learn from each other's struggles as we consciously build an anti-oppressive community and movement for social change. This network formed out of folks organizing a Week in Solidarity for Social Change, which took place November 2-7, 2003. The week of events was endorsed by: Artstorm and Art Forum, American Friends Service Committee, Brown Animal Rights Coalition, Brown Environmental Action Network, Campus Greens, Faith Based Activism Coalition, Oxfam, Student AntiWar Coalition, Students for Bhopal and ICJB, Student Labor Alliance, Third World Action, Tikkun, and more.
Added on 05-12-2004
Updated on 05-13-2004

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