SSC Environmental Activist Training in Dallas

Starting Date: 09-17-2005
Starting Time: 2:00pm

Coffee Park, Dallas, Texas
Dallas, Texas 75225
United States
Attention Dallas-area student environmentalists!

The Sierra Student Coalition's Texas Size Environmental Roadshow is hitting DALLAS this SATURDAY!

Who: Any highschool or college student environmentalist who can make the trip is welcome and encouraged to participate. Bring your entire environmental club! The more the merrier! This is a public training, if you would like us to come to your campus and work with you on specific issues, contact us and we'd love to bring these trainings to you!

What: Learn how to become effective and successful environmental activists on your campus! Our workshops provide you the basics on organizing around environmental issues and give you the skills to foster sustainability in your community. See more info below!

Where: Coffee Park (located at NW HWY and Hillcrest near University Park in Dallas)

When: Saturday, September 17th 20005. 2pm-5pm (food provided!)

Cost: FREE!

Why: Meet other student activists in Dallas, learn about the Sierra Student Coalition, gain the skills to organize and win for environmental causes, and save the planet!

Approximate Breakdown of Material Covered by the Training:

1.5-2 hrs of campaign planning (how to pick an issue to address, how to figure out allies/opponents and the lay of the land before starting a project or campaign, how to work with media and create a message for recruitment to your campaign or issue, etc. Basically, this training, known as THE MATRIX gives you structure and guidelines for organizing around an issue- and it is incredibly helpful.

1 hr of organizational development: This training is about how to start and run an effective group on campus. In this workshop, we talk about recruitment, leadership development, how to run meetings and facilitate discussions, engage in conflict resolution inside and/or outside the club, and we provide rules to help ensure your club still exists and is active after you (or the current leadership) graduate.

1 hr of Jordan's Biodiesel discussion: In this workshop, Jordan Duckworth of the famous BioBus (present at every 2005 Earth Day Festival in Dallas) shows you the science behind biodiesel, its history, and its prospects. He can help you bring biodiesel to your campus and... at the end of the training, can give everyone a ride on the Biodiesel bus that the SSC Roadshow has been traveling with! (Its really awesome- smells like french fries instead of gas exhaust!)

For any questions or concerns, contact Christina Billingsley at 214-929-5995 or by email at

Geographical Scope: Local

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