USAS People of Color/Working Class Retreat

Starting Date: 03-31-2006
Starting Time: 6:00pm
Ending Date: 04-01-2006

Hampton, Virginia
United States
On March 31-April 2, United Students Against Sweatshops
(USAS) will be holding its first ever People of Color/Working Class
Caucus Retreat in Hampton, VA and we want YOU to be there!!!

This is going to be an exciting opportunity for us, as people of
color and working class students, to come together from across the
country and discuss how the issues that USAS organizes around affect
us, what vision we have for USAS, and to leave with a solid sense of
what efforts we can take to make USAS a more unified, inclusive, and
diverse organization.

This meeting of students nationwide, of USAS leadership, and members
of national organizations allied with USAS, will undoubtedly make for
an awesome and unique weekend where we can feel free to share our
thoughts and feelings on the organizing that we do, that USAS does,
and on the steps we feel should be taken to make the two one in the

So whether you've been to one USAS national conference, are
marginally affiliated with USAS, or have been participating from
birth, we strongly encourage you to try and make it out for this
eagerly anticipated event.

Food will be provided!
Housing will be provided!
Travel Scholarships are available!
Space is limited!

So please, if you'd like to part of this amazing opportunity, respond
to this e-mail, having fully answered the questions below, by March
15, 2006. You can send your response or any questions you may have to

Please note that you must identify as either a person of color and/or
working class person in order to attend.

Peace and Love,

The USAS People of Color/Working Class Caucus Retreat Planning Committee

1. Name:
2. School:
3. Year:
4. E-mail/Phone:
5. Is your school active in USAS? If so, how long has your school
been active in USAS?
6. Is your school interested in eventually becoming more involved in
USAS, possibly with members taking on national roles in the
Coordinating Committee, as Regional Organizers, or other positions?
7. What organizing campaigns are you involved/interested in? These
may be USAS-related, work you may do as a person of color, working
class person, etc.
8. What do you hope to get out of this gathering?
9. Do you need financial assistance to attend? (Please include an
exact dollar amount, or we cannot process your request for financial
assistance.) Would your school group help to pay for your attendance?
10. Do you identify as a woman, person of color, LGBT or queer,
and/or working class (please specify)?
Geographical Scope: National

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