BeCounted - Facebook Voter Registration Drive

Starting Date: 08-07-2008

United States
BeCounted is a Facebook application that is currently near the end of its development stage. Once released, BeCounted will dramatically change the voting landscape for college students. It will facilitate the voting process by directly linking young voters to the information they need to register, to request absentee ballots, and to ultimately, cast their ballots on time. BeCounted will eventually accrue large quantities of statistical data that will reshape the way that college voter registration drives are done. It will be a comprehensive tool for campus political activists and everyday students alike. Find out more about us and join our Facebook group in the meantime at our website given above or feel free to contact me via email. Once the application is out, we will send you a link to our Facebook application through a simple message. We are excited and, hopefully, you are too- spread the word.
Geographical Scope: National

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