8th National Low-Income Immigrants' Rights Conference

Starting Date: 12-08-2011
Ending Date: 12-11-2011

Arlington, Virginia 22201
United States
We are very excited to announce the 8th National Low-Income Immigrants' Rights Conference. This conference brings together community leaders, organizers, attorneys, and advocates from around the country to share information and experiences and to develop strategies around some of the core issues affecting low-income immigrants. It is convened every two years, always to great acclaim, and often it has been a catalyst for major victories by our movement.

Who is expected
to participate?

500 of the leading advocates, organizers, and other experts from across the country representing local, state, and national immigrant and refugee rights, civil rights, health care, anti-poverty, legal, faith-based, ethnic, labor, community, and low-wage worker groups.

What does the


Strategy Sessions

Dialogue Sessions

Plenary Sessions on Cross-Cutting Issues

Why attend?

The 8th National Low-Income Immigrants' Rights Conference will get you up to speed on laws and policies impacting immigrants today, and connect you with immigrant rights advocates working at the national, state and local levels. You will be able to participate in the development of advocating strategies related to critical issues affecting low-income immigrants in the U.S. including:

Workers' Rights

Anti-Immigrant Proposals

Educational and Other Opportunities

Immigration Enforcement

Safety-Net Programs and Services

Due Process and Constitutional Rights

Immigration Reform

Past conferences have been highly praised for building momentum toward developing a national agenda on these and other important immigrants' rights issues. We expect 2011's conference to be similarly galvanizing.
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Workshop Sponsors
American Federation of Labor Congress of Industrial Organizations

Scholarship Fund
United Food and Commercial Workers International Union
Mayer Brown LLP

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