Yellowstone Buffalo - Slaughter Protest & Memorial Service

Starting Date: 05-08-2004

Montana State Capitol Bldg.
1301 East Sixth Avenue
Helena, Montana 59758
United States
America's last wild buffalo are being slaughtered - please help us stop it!

The Buffalo Field Campaign is organizing a memorial service for the 277 buffalo killed this year by the MT Department of Livestock and the National Park Service. We urge people who care about wild buffalo and wild lands to speak out in powerful silence to stop the slaughter, while we mourn the loss of those already gone. We will stand between the State Capitol and the Montana Department of Livestock in protest of the continued hazing, capture, testing, and slaughter of America's last wild buffalo, and to mourn the senseless deaths of nearly 300 killed this year alone - killed with millions of your federal tax dollars. The buffalo's supposed crime is one they have never committed: transmitting the disease brucellosis to livestock. It has never occurred. Our public lands in Montana are being cut off from American buffalo for the sake of cattle that are never there. Stand with us in silent protest... and mourning.

Wear black.

We will place headstones on the east Capitol Lawn to represent the buffalo we've lost this year alone.

A pdf downloadable flyer with directions and more information can be found at the Buffalo Field Campaign's website:

Buffalo Field Campaign is the only group working in the field 365 days a year to protect America's last wild buffalo, and document actions taken against them.
Geographical Scope: State
Day of Action

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