USAS National Conference 2005

Starting Date: 02-10-2005
Ending Date: 02-13-2005

Austin, Texas
United States
Register for the United Students Against Sweatshops National Conference!

"Fighting for the Right to Organize- *local-->global*"

February 10-13, 2005 University of Texas-Austin

Workshops and strategy sessions around the following issues:

--Campus/Community Solidarity Campaigns- Learn about how to run a living wage campaign, what unions are and why they're important, the service worker solidarity campaign (Aramark, Compass and Sodexho)
and trends in outsourcing!

--Worker Rights Consortium Affiliation- What is the WRC and how can affiliating help your school to becoming sweatfree?

--Multi-Fiber Arrangement Phase-Out Solidarity- With the phase-out of garment and textile quotas in January of 2005 we are seeing more and more cutting and running...Strategize about wage disclosure, sweatfree clothing and code strengthening!

--Coca Cola Campaign, Taco Bell Campaign- Protest Taco Bell in Austin! Learn more and network with other schools doing similar campaigns!

--Ethical Contracting Code of Conduct- Use this new code that covers purchasing and contracting as a tool in your campaign!

--Immigrant worker rights- Learn more about the struggles of immigrant workers!

***Also build your skills around media, organizing, fundraising, labor history, anti-oppression training, networking and more!!***

The agenda will be posted to the website shortly.

*Travel Scholarships will be considered if you register before January 8, 2005. Applicants are strongly encouraged to apply early!*

contact us by email or 202-667-9328 if you have questions or if you would like to apply for workshop or tabling space


United Students Against Sweatshops is a national organization of students and community members, functioning as a network and a resource for student labor activists around the country. We are part
of a movement that supports the struggles of working peoples at home and abroad, in factories, in fields, and on our own campuses.



We are encouraging people to arrive Thursday night, as the conference starts early Friday morning! By Plane... Please feel free to book through USAS's travel agent, Leslie, at Universal Travel Services, (202) 667-3202, but keep in mind you'll need your own credit card, unless you've been granted a scholarship.

By Bus... Check out for information about getting to Austin by bus.

By Car... for directions to the University of Texas-Austin. You can also get directions at the UT-Austin website ( If you plan on traveling by car and have extra room, please let us know! Someone from your area might need a ride and could help out with gas money too.


Housing for the conference

Housing for the USAS conference is included in the registration fee, and will be assigned to you when you arrive on Thursday night or Friday morning. We will be staying mostly in crash housing, as well as some limited hotel space near campus (Days Inn Austin). If you are interested in crash housing, please register as soon as possible! If you do get crash housing, you will need to bring your sleeping bag and a pillow. In addition, no one will be turned away for financial reasons, so check out our scholarships so you can get
to the conference!

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