Global Three: Reclaiming Community and Environment

Starting Date: 04-08-2005
Starting Time: 3:00pm
Ending Date: 04-10-2005

2624 Clifton Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45221
United States

Global Three: Reclaiming Community and Environment, is a conference designed to reclaim the human connections that make communities and our surrounding environment strong. Through the conference, people are provided with a space where information and skills can be shared while simultaneously having fun, networking, and exposing one’s mind to diverse concepts. “Global Three..” appeals to different interests and walks of life by utilizing a wide variety of methods to disseminate knowledge. These methods, such as workshops, discussions, speaking panels, caucuses, tabling, actions, films, music, art and much more are the cornerstone of the conference.

Topics: The topics of Global Three: Reclaiming Community and Environment are not limited to a few words. The usage of the words community and environment are used as a springboard to dive into several issues such as community, environmental, economic, social, and political justice. Workshops providing action, solution, and empowerment are plenty. Other workshops will simply focus on Art or Cooking. In the end, there are workshops for radicals and reformists, for moms and sons, elders and kids, etc. Global Three: Reclaiming Community and Environment is a conference for everyone and everybody. Confirm speakers so far are Derrick Jensen. Bands that have been confirmed so far are Requiem, MC Homeless, and David Rovics. If you are interested in teaching a workshop, send your proposal to Paul at

REGISTRATION: THERE IS NO REGISTRATION FEE! However, registration is important because the Global Crew knows how much food and housing spaces to provide for conference attendees. To contact Sofia, the registrar, please e-mail her at You may e-mail her your registration information by simply e-mailing her your name and location (for more info, please check out the attached sheet). If you are sending in a group registration, list how many people are coming and their names (again, check the attached sheet).

HOUSING: To reserve free housing for Global, please e-mail Sofia at In the e-mail, please note if you are coming in a group (and how many people are in the group who will need a space to stay at). Also, please indicate in the e-mail if you are allergic to anything, smoking, recreational “fun”, and/or bringing children/pets. Please reserve housing as soon as you get this information so that you and your host can get in contact with each other before the conference. In addition, free housing will be available for late registers (day or week) of conference. The housing will be first come, first serve and located at a nearby venue or church. More info regarding this can be found at the conference and website.

CHILDCARE: Childcare will be provided in various forms throughout the weekend. For more info, please contact Sofia at

FOOD: Vegan/Vegetarian Breakfast and Lunch will be provided by the Global Crew on Saturday and Sunday. Keeping with the theme of community, attendees are encouraged to bring food with them so that we can have a potluck on Saturday and Sunday evenings. It would also be great if attendees brought their own reusable plates, cups, and utensils with them.

TRANSPORTATION: There is a transportation board on the Global message board. If you can provide a seat or two or if you need a ride to global, please make a post on the message board located on the Global webpage in the upper right handed corner. If one needs to be pickup from the Airport, Amtrak, or Greyhound stations, please indicate that in the registration e-mail to Sofia at Please let us know if you are coming via plane, train, or greyhound by e-mail by March 20, 2005.

TABLING: There is no fee for tabling, we just ask that you help out and volunteer with us. If you would like to table, please e-mail Donald at with group info.

Other? Check out the website at or e-mail Paul at

- Global Three Organizing Crew
Geographical Scope: International

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