Chicago SDS

Chicago, Illinois 60606
United States
Chicago Students for a Democratic Society meeting... 6pm Sunday 18th Ogilvie Metra Station Food Court

Chicago General Meeting Every Other Sunday 6pm Starting 2/18 in Ogilvie Metra Station Food Court

Elmhurst College Meeting Every Other Sunday 8pm Starting

General Lake County Meeting TBA at Libertyville Public Library

North Side Chicago Meeting TBA at Newberry Library

South Side Chicago Meeting TBA at TBA location

We are undertaking three projects simultaneously, first we will work towards forcing coal utilities to construct more emissions control technology, primarily to reduce the mercury content spewed into our neighborhoods, secondly we will advance the cause of free childcare for all who need it by pursuing ballot intiatives and lobbying efforts. Finally we will continue to work with city coalitions to kick military recruiters out of Chicago area schools.

We are the Chicago SDS: Like those that came before us we carry a tradition of wedding radical politics with radical tactics. If there ever was a time for the resurgence of direct action and civil disobedience, now would be it. We strive to combine the politics of resistance with the philosophy of participatory democracy.

Learning from the tenacity of animal, black and earth liberationists who have pursued their foes to the ends of the Earth, we will not allow our adversaries targeted a moment of peace or reprieve until victory is ours.

Do not be confused: We will come uninvited to your board meetings, to the gates of your suburban community, to your country club golf course, to your holiday parties, and then we will come after those who socialize and do business with you. And we will have a fun time while we are at it.
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