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A Crazy Idea, Inc. is a new up and coming organization run by a diverse group of twenty year olds who have given up their jobs and time to make this project a success. Lead by Clay Laugier and a belief in making a difference, They have already built this small dream into a full fledged big reality. Their main purpose for doing such a crazy thing? To show that America has almost lost it's compassion for our fellow human beings in need.

Watching the news and realizing there was a great need for volunteers in the gulf coast, also other areas of the country that needed help besides the hurricane struck gulf coast and seeing the government funding going nowhere, it was then Clay Laugier and Brandi Oaks decided that if they wanted to see a change they would have to pioneer that for them selves. They called on friends and family to help in their mission. And so far the Crazy IDEA CREW, Clay and Brandi have.

THE IDEA: Is it really a crazy idea to do what ever it might be that you can to help? even if it is just sending a letter to your senator, or forwarding an email on the internet? even going to help a community in need. Is it such a crazy idea to change the human service feild for the better to get staff trained, to make common sense programs that help people not just look good on paper. Find ways to change your community for the better, Help someone in need. It all makes our country and world a better place. its the perfect time for CRAZY IDEAS, That’s with everything that is going on in our country and the world we need to still be able to stop and think about what’s going on in our communities we live in!

How our young people are raised, what "HUMAN/AMERICAN VALUES" are we leaving in the minds of our young people in America today! these Values are basic and have nothing to do with religion or political beliefs : To be a good person, Help those in need, Self Respect, Respect for others, leave the mark that not just learning in school but any kind of learning is a great treasure, to teach that it is one thing to follow but another thing to lead, that you can change the world if you work for it, belief in hard work (note this is not just physical but mental too), Believe in something positive, To Remember what our Forefathers wanted From this land of hope land of the brave and home of the free!

The idea started with a documentary in mind and grew into what it is today! We went down to the gulf coast to film the volunteers and people who have lived through this horrible event. To see what was happening six months later, and to film the small towns around New Orleans and in Mississippi due to New Orleans getting all the press. We went there to save them and the people of that region saved us. They showed us how family, faith and community is the only things we have in time of need and we need to cherish and help these things to grow when we are not in a time of need.

Our trip and what we documented change our lives and the lives of the people around us. Since our return we have sent countless boxes of donations, lobbied for support, put together a net work of non-profits that help Americans, helped send a group of high school students down from Indie programs to help others them selves and put together working programs to help others in need.
This is a non-campus group.
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Added on 05-22-2006
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