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Every year thousands of college students from around the world contact PETA for information, resources and advice on how to fight animal abuse. College activists have the potential to win meaningful victories for the animal rights movement, both on-campus and on a national scale. To further the goals of college animal rights activists, PETA is launching two new programs.

College Activist Network
The College Activist Network is an e-mail network that provides college students with the information and resources they need to get active for animals. As part of the College Activist Network, you will:
-receive one college activist tip every week
-participate in one campaign action every week
-receive notice of speakers, demonstrations and other events in your area

Blue Bloc Internships
As a Blue Bloc Intern, you work closely with PETA employees to build an active animal rights organization on your college campus. While maintaining close ties with PETA, your organization will design and implement a campaign for policy reform on your college campus. In addition to joining the College Activist Network, on-campus interns will:
-receive free PETA campaign materials
-conduct an on-campus internship (receiving academic credit is optional)
-speak every two weeks with a PETA employee for strategy and training sessions
-execute a campaign for policy reform on campus
-assist PETA with national campaigns

You can also bring a PETA speaker to your school - free of charge!

Loring Harkness speaks as a guest in college and university classroom seetings and for general audiences. Through demonstrations and audience participation, Loring Harkness addresses issues of animal right theory and the application of animal rights ethics. Potential topics include speciesism, due consideration of interests, historical perspectives on oppression, factory farming conditions, veganism diets, environmental impacts of animal agriculture and nutrition.
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