Dick Artley
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This is a campus activist.
I am not a college student. I hope I can join this activist network.

I have a MS in forestry from Oregon State and went to work for the forest service. That was the biggest mistake of my life. It didn't take me too long to clearly see that the Forest Service has 1 mission: to supply corporations with raw materials so these corporations can make the big bucks. The so-called Forest Service "restoration projects" that involve logging and road construction were so environmentally and ecologically tragic, I plan to write a book about it. Even worse than that was how the Forest Service deceives and lies to the public to hide this from them. One of their favorite tactics is the frequent use of euphemisms.

I became so fed up with this, that I frequently became physically sick on my way to work so I quit.
Added on 12-17-2003
Updated on 12-17-2003


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