Aaron Esquivel
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Zeeland, Michigan 49464
United States
This is a campus activist.
I know a lot about many issues from American foreign poicy and its affects at home and abroad to ways to help the economy, to civil rights.
Added on 01-16-2004
Updated on 01-18-2004

July 22, 2010 -- deutschbYrdwillow

Hello Aaron my name is India.But if you do accept my friend request to you,please do call me Willowna,as I wish to change my name.At current,I also live in Michigan.White Lake actually.I am a young activist for many views and lifestyles and I am looking for other activist in my area or as close as possible.My goals on this website is to learn more about activism as I work on organizing an activist and resistance group that I would like to call FreebYrd.At this time,my starting point,I am the only activist in FreebYrd,but I am working toward expanding my knowledge by networking with other activist so that I may gain the skills needed for expanding FreebYrd.So I am now looking for as much support and knowledge as I can be given in my efforts.Write back if you'd please.And ask as many questions as you can think of.I am sure that I will learn something from what I answer to you in what FreebYrd stands for and supports.Thanks for reading this far if you have.Chao.