Anna Kelly
Permanent Address

Akron, Ohio 44301
United States
Have written unpublished 170 poems in a book entitled Abba, Allah, Ama, God the Father and have been published in small publications, have been a speaker in several places. I have worked in Washington, DC for five year during the Nixon Administration, I do volunteer work for the Haven of Rest Ministries, the Catholic Worker and have sponsored six World Vision children. I believe that drugs such as heroin, cocaine and opium kill and that these users will want to kill eventually.
General Interests: My general interests work towards peace and harmony for all peoples and that people should keep the ten commandments and if they should break one they should repent and and not go back and repeat their sin.

Favorite Music: I love music and enjoy all kind. I do not appreciate the kind where they use swear words and all kinds of profanity.
Favorite Books: I enjoyed reading Frost and Dickenson, Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Robert Browning. Being part English I was raised on the classics and read very many religious and philosophical books which include the Bible, Koran, Mishnah, Torah, Buddism and Voodis
Political Views: I mix politics with relgion. Politics has to do with drugs but I believe that illegal drugs should always be illegal to prevent the extinction of civilizations through cannibalism and tuberculosis. As pain killers in the hospitals, it is almost essentia
Occupation: self employed, part time utility worker
Networking Goals: To house as many homeless and unemployed as possible before the weather becomes more severe during this ecosystem change. The ozone did leave a hole in our ionisphere and the sun is melting the icecaps as predicted. It will leave us with more earthquakes
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