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Stop the Raid on Student Aid617-747-4330National
Liberian Permanent Residency Attached to Supplemental Spending Bill6175222020National
Liberian Temporary Protected Status (TPS)6175222020International
End Violence Against Women -- Reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act!651-645-3939National
20 Million Loud - Young Voter Campaign702-610-3832National
Legalize Marijuana714-248-5253EmailInternational
Eight is Still Enough - Florida Term Limits727-347-2146State
Reinstate Straight Talk Radio727-698-3092National
Carbon Conscious Consumer (C3) Campaign770-403-9294National
KFC Cruelty2787-290-1309International
Wake up Weyerhaeuser800-989-7246International
Protect Wild Utah801.486.3161National
Restaurant Outreach804-938-8594Metro
Legalize Marijuana in New York State845 701 9635State
Florida Term Limit Laws847-571-2260State
20% by 2010 CT Clean Energy Campaign860-232-6232State
Defend Public Education!8609162761International
Campaign to End AIDS877-EndAIDSNational
Rutgers Fair Trade Project9082956496Metro
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