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Clean Energy Campus ToolkitThis toolkit was developed by Greenpeace as a comprehensive organizing guide outlining two successful clean energy campaign strategies.27150 
Redefining Campus Power EssayEssay by Andy Burns on campus democracy related themes1669503-07-2002
Student Unions EssayBy Charlie Eaton.1877403-07-2002
Sample Leaflet Describing a GroupNotre Dame Progressive Student Alliance's basic leaflet.2071503-07-2002
Systems of Domination LeafletAll forms of oppression are related and evil.2143003-07-2002
SEAC Caucus GuideSEAC's Caucus Guide. Explains what caucuses are, why they exist, and how they function within the Student Environmental Action Coalition. 4 pages.1715003-07-2002
Sit-in InterviewsBy Penn Students Against Sweatshops. Interviews of students who organized sit-ins.1616503-07-2002
FBI/CIA LeafletUse it to leaflet when the FBI or CIA do a recruiting visit to your campus.2044303-07-2002
April 20th Anti-War Flier1702003-11-2002
April 20th Anti-War Poster1638003-11-2002
Petition against the New York State Rockefeller drug laws1432003-14-2002
Model Campus Policies on Sexual Harassment and Assault3173003-29-2002
Sample Group ConstitutionA copy of Notre Dame PSA's constitution.3219004-02-2002
Join WRC Leaflet IUse this leaflet and you too will win your campaign!1657004-02-2002
Join WRC Leaflet IIBy Notre Dame PSA.1568004-02-2002
Tufts Sit-In HistoryA detailed account of the Tufts Students Against Discrimination sit-in in the Fall of 2000. Their goal was to end discrimination based on sexual orientation.1849507-24-2002
Media Democracy Day FlyerMedia Democracy Day is a new campaign to raise awareness about the many ways the modern media system fails at supporting a constructive and informed democratic society.1529009-10-2002
Democracy HandbookAn extensive collection of suggestions for improving the consensus decision-making process within a group. It includes many useful diagrams, procedures and lists.1884009-10-2002
Whither Hampshire College?Liberal Corporation or Radical Collective? A historical essay on Hampshire College written around 1970. Should our schools be democratic?1473309-19-2002
Connecting Students and LaborThis was originally written for the UFCW in the summer of 2002, with the intention of trying to get students and youth involed in labor oranizing campaings. 457 words1767009-22-2002
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