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Appeal for a Student Anti-War MovementThis is an appeal for a student anti-war movement1190004-05-2005
Youth Power Shift Action PacketThis guide for running a clean energy campaign on your campus provides the student activist with advice and resources related to energy audits, environmental justice work, conservation, green building1188003-04-2004
Basic tampaction flyerThis is a very basic tampaction flyer. i've found it effective merely for the minimal effect and the shock effect. (word format)1183005-13-2004
Democratic Socialists of America Organizing ManualA resource for community organizing. By the Democratic Socialists of America. 27 pages.1180004-16-2014
Getting the Dirt on the Military/Industrial ComplexFlyer of the UW-Madison Progressive Student Network / UW Greens, circa 19961179001-16-2004
Campus Greens Organizing ManualMedium size organizing guide by the Campus Greens. 41 pages. Updated for 2005.1172009-18-2005
Circus CrueltyBrochure on how circuses are bad for animals1170003-16-2005
Boston University Disorientation GuideBoston University. 34 pages. 2010.1170004-12-2011
Earlham Success StoriesStories of activist successes at Earlham College. 7 pages.1162001-14-2003
Public Institution-Private Agenda: Tuition DeregulationA report by UT Watch ( documenting the possibly illegal efforts by the UT System to deregulate tuition by pushing legislation.1161004-24-2004
Join WRC Leaflet IUse this leaflet and you too will win your campaign!1157004-02-2002
Suits & Spooks by John Peck"How to Research, Expose, and Challenge Military and Corporate Influence on Your Campus" - a version of this also appears in Campus Inc. edited by Geoffry White (Prometheus Books 2000)1156001-17-2004
Investing in Progressive Leadership Development: Building aIn order to secure a lasting victory in the battle for America's future, it is essential for progressives to identify, empower and sustain the active engagement of the next generation of leaders. You1156011-19-2006
Getting Started with Divestment and Reinvestment by Randy ViBased on actual divestment campaign: Hampshire College 1989-19901153001-17-2004
New Energy For Campuses Report: Energy Action and Apollo AllA comprehensive report outlining strategies for campuses to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save money at the same time. The report includes dozens of case studies of what campuses are already do1153010-12-2005
April 20th Anti-War Poster1151003-11-2002
Team Types ActivityTeam types is a straightforward tool for participants to learn about themselves through identifying themselves within four different categories. These four types each represent different aspects of h1150007-10-2007
Sit-in InterviewsBy Penn Students Against Sweatshops. Interviews of students who organized sit-ins.1149503-07-2002
FTAA PacketComprehensive 60 page packet by Global Exchange. Covers both the issue and provides suggestions for what to do.1146011-06-2003
Why You Should Not Trust Your SchoolAnarchist critique of schools. 2 pages.1144011-12-2004
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