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End the War on Iraq! - Fall 2005 Mobilization ImageThis is an advertisement for the major protest in Washington, D.C. on September 24 to end Bush's outrageous war in Iraq. Please contact us by email with any other questions or to obtain more banners o1001008-13-2005
Why Unions MatterIn this PDF pamphlet, Elaine Bernard (member of the Democratic Socialists of America and executive Director of the Labor and Worklife Program at the Harvard Law School) explains why anyone who cares a1795007-13-2005
Form for Art for the People, Multiracial Library-By-MailThe mission of multinational corporate media is to circulate a version of the truth created by corporations, filtered by corporate-ad sponsored media employees, and then given directly to people world1256006-05-2005
The Multicultural, Multiracial Sweat Equity SystemThe Multicultural Sweat Equity System for Creating The International, Multicultural, Peace Movement headquarters known as: The Networking For Peace Multicultural Cohousing Resource Neighborhood. O4340004-21-2005
UC Nuclear Free brochureThis brochure offers a brief introduction to the UC Nuclear Free campaign, talking points, and action ideas. 2869004-19-2005
NYS Farmworker Justice Campaign: PetitionNYS Farmworker Justice Campaign: Petition Going to progressive, activist meeting? Take a clipboard and pass around this petition to get signatures. Return address is on the bottom in case it gets 1119004-17-2005
NYS Farmworker Justice Campaign: PosterNYS Farmworker Justice Campaign: Poster Use this template to post around your campus. This flyer once printed should be cut on the bottom. This makes it easy for someone to pull off the web addre1403004-16-2005
Tent State Talking Points- RutgersBackground on Tent State - a campaign to increase access to higher education.1357004-09-2005
Tent State Outreach LetterThis letter is meant for groups looking to support the Tent State efforts...1287004-08-2005
Tent State Organizing ModelA step-by-step organizing model for organizing a Tent State at your own school.1311004-08-2005
Appeal for a Student Anti-War MovementThis is an appeal for a student anti-war movement1531004-05-2005
The Books Not Bombs AgendaYouth and students demand! Check it out...1247004-01-2005
Plight of ElephantsWhy elephants should not be in circuses2253003-26-2005
National Tuition Endowment Endorsement FormUse this endorsement to show congress that your student government is in support of the National Tuition Endowment!1174003-19-2005
Get Action AlertsBrochure to encourage others to subscribe to e-mail action alert lists to help the environment, animals, humans, etc.1248003-17-2005
Circus CrueltyBrochure on how circuses are bad for animals1505003-16-2005
Expose CircusesHelp document animal abuse in circuses1801003-16-2005
Ban Exotic Animal Acts in Your CommunitySample ordiance on exotic animal displays1336003-16-2005
Vegan AdvocacyBe an advocate for plant-based diets1313003-16-2005
5 Ways to Leave a Lighter FootprintLive more sustainably, great brochure to pass out at campus events1940003-16-2005
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