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Organizing: Lessons LearnedI am writing this to share with other organizers in the youth climate movement and related fields some lessons learned in my 2­ year stint as a field organizer and the Coordinator of the Ohio Student1907508-14-2009
Oxfam Hunger BanquetThis is Oxfam's step-by-step guide on how to organize an Oxfam Hunger Banquet, an interactive poverty simulation. Go to for our free resources.2515011-26-2019
OxFam soccer game to illustrate Fair Trade principalsUse this quick soccer game developed by OxFam to demonstrate and teach Fair Trade principals. Include discussion guide and questions.1447009-18-2007
Palestine and the PalestiniansA fact sheet that discusses Palestine, Palestinians, refugees, and the state of Israel. By the Center for Economic and Social Rights. 2 pages.1374005-04-2004
Paper UseConserve paper, buy sustainable paper1366003-16-2005
Participant AgreementsThese nine agreements are guidelines to help you participate in ways that carry out the Peaceful Model of human relationships. By Bill Moyer. 1998.1202007-10-2007
Participatory Democracy at the University of Sydney, 1960–In 1973 the student movement caused the Philosophy department to be "democratised" and then split. The Government department was also rocked by activism. It discusses "departmental revolutions" (an i1566006-27-2012
Peace Initiative PosterPeaceful Resistance was formed to show the relationship between consumerism, corporate misuse, environmental issues, and governmental controls of freedom. We are a solution based not for profit or1660003-11-2003
Peace Poster - Acceptable Losses?By Corey Moris.1116001-31-2007
Peace Poster - Freedom FriesWould you like freedom fries with that? By Casta Veron.1314501-31-2007
Peace Poster - Give Piece a ChanceBy Chris Habib.1182001-31-2007
Peace Poster - Mother TheresaMother Theresa quote. By George Glass. From peaceposter.org1231001-31-2007
Peace Poster - No Oil WarBy Daniel Zemalkowski.1261001-31-2007
Peace Poster - PeaceBy Siavash Fan.1268001-31-2007
Peace Poster - Stop BushPretzel peace sign. By Tito Zevallos.1353001-31-2007
Peace Poster - Uncle Sam Wants YouBy Pau Zegri.1748501-31-2007
Peace with Justice - Education UnitPeace with Justice since 9/11. Unit for doing educational work in three sessions. By SocialJusticeEducation.org1285005-03-2004
Penn Disorientation Guide 2019The University of Pennsylvania rests on the occupied land of the Lenape people – this guide is written with utmost solidarity in mind. This means that we acknowledge that we are on stolen land, 349006-06-2020
Petition against the New York State Rockefeller drug laws1392003-14-2002
Photograph of Hostile Fan Behavior at FSU GameTaken at Sept 5th, 2005 FSU versus Miami Game at FSU during pregame Prostest in front of Stadium. Miami fan was carrying this doll on a noose around, and dragging it like a dog.1218010-01-2005
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