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Peace Poster - Stop BushPretzel peace sign. By Tito Zevallos.1320001-31-2007
L'ABC D'une OccupationGuide pour organizer une occupation. 10 pages. En français. In french. Par l'Association pour une Solidarité Syndicale Etudiante.1319009-20-2003
Petition against the New York State Rockefeller drug laws1318003-14-2002
FSU Fans 'Honoring' SeminolesHere is an image of FSU fans students dis-honoring thier symbol of a Seminole Warrior. Notice the placement of the "Seminole Warrior's Head" on their Kilts. 1318511-21-2005
Victoria's Dirty Secret Tour FlyerThe Victoria's Dirty Secret Campus Tour is making stops at colleges and universities across the country. Use this flyer to promote the tour to your group, other campus groups, or other local schools.1316002-17-2005
FTAA and Gender"Analysis of FTAA text from a Gender Perspective." Describes how the Free Trade Area of the Americas will adversely affect women. 12 pages.1315011-06-2003
Paper UseConserve paper, buy sustainable paper1315003-16-2005
Stanford Reorientation Guide 20092009-2010. 40 pages. 1315004-12-2011
Palestine and the PalestiniansA fact sheet that discusses Palestine, Palestinians, refugees, and the state of Israel. By the Center for Economic and Social Rights. 2 pages.1314005-04-2004
E-book on overcoming procrastination and writers' blockThe Little Guide To Beating Procrastination, Perfectionism and Blocks: a Manual For Artists, Activists, Entrepreneurs, Academics and Other Ambitious Dreamers covers the causes of procrastination and 1314001-13-2008
Notes on Consensus Decision MakingBy Randy Schutt. 12 pages.1313009-19-2003
Vegan AdvocacyBe an advocate for plant-based diets1313003-16-2005
Flyer Advertising March 4th and March 20thStop the war abroad AND the war at home. The National Youth & Student Peace Coalition (NYSPC), recognizes a strong link between US foreign and domestic policy, and is organizing for solid turnout on b1311002-27-2004
Tent State Organizing ModelA step-by-step organizing model for organizing a Tent State at your own school.1311004-08-2005
A Call To End Corruption: One Minute of Darkness for ConstanA tactic used by 30 million people in Turkey to protest government corruption. From
The Structure of the Field RapFor use in canvassing. By the Progressive Action Network. 2 pages.1310005-15-2006
Schools No LongerThe case against schools. By Colin Ward.1308011-12-2004
Columbia University Disorientation Guide - 2000By the Columbia Student Solidarity Network. 24 pages.1303005-21-2008
Youth and Community Organizing TodayBy the Funders' Collaborative on Youth Organizing. 27 pages.1302009-20-2003
Tampon_warning_x8Tampon warnings - print out to make stickers.1302001-27-2005
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