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Dual Occupations - Palestine and IraqIsrael occupied the Palestinian West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem in 1967. The United States occupied Iraq in 2003. Under the Fourth Geneva Convention, both the Palestinian and Iraqi peoples are “1197011-20-2007
Holiday Song Book - Peace and JusticeCentral Jersey Coalition Against Endless War Holiday Songbook. 2004. 11 pages.2050011-20-2007
20 Reasons against Sanctions and Military Intervention- IranA fact sheet by the Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran. 2007. 6 pages.1430011-20-2007
Iran Next?A fact sheet that compares the possibility of a US attack on Iran to what the US did to Iraq. By Women Against War. 2007. 2 pages.1092011-20-2007
Influencing Congress on ClimateWritten for the Climate Week of Action (Jan 29 - Feb 2, 2007), this powerpoint training takes a student through tips for influencing Congress on climate change issues.1537001-22-2007
Event PlanningChallenge Climate Challenge Event Planning Powerpoint1093001-26-2007
Campus Climate Challenge Building MomentumHow to quickly build momentum in your Campus Climate Challenge campaign1101001-26-2007
MUST SEE ! Greg Jones' musical message for world peace..PowPEACE VIDEO: Greg Jones' special musical message for world peace entitled God Bless the World-Not JUST America...Powerful Video...Pass this one on !984001-29-2007
Peace Poster - Mother TheresaMother Theresa quote. By George Glass. From peaceposter.org1194001-31-2007
Peace Poster - Give Piece a ChanceBy Chris Habib.1148001-31-2007
Peace Poster - Acceptable Losses?By Corey Moris.1081001-31-2007
Peace Poster - No Oil WarBy Daniel Zemalkowski.1219001-31-2007
Anti-Free Trade Poster - en EspañolBy Norma Maldonado.1249001-31-2007
Peace Poster - Stop BushPretzel peace sign. By Tito Zevallos.1320001-31-2007
Peace Poster - PeaceBy Siavash Fan.1235001-31-2007
Divesting from Israel: A HandbookBy Global Exchange. 2003. 18 pages.1158011-20-2007
Ten Points to Consider Before Signing a Military EnlistmentA counter-recruitment fact sheet to hand out by United for Peace and Justice. 1 page.1363011-20-2007
The Problem with Green CorpsThis story appeared in a 2004 issue of Threshold Magazine, which is published by Student Environmental Action Coalition (SEAC). Anyone considering a position with Green Corps should read it so they k1526004-08-2007
Tampaction Ready-Made WorkshopThis is a workshop-on-a-wall. All you need is a printer and some tape/staples/tacks to put it up. Note - I made this specifically suited for the Syracuse University campus - if you want help modif1766006-19-2007
A Ten Step Mediating Conflict ModelOutlines a ten-step process for mediating a conflict. Slide-format.3382007-10-2007
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