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College Democrats State Federation ManualThis is a great resource for starting, running and expanding your College Democrats State Federation.666010-18-2004
Training for Change Manual for Dialogue FacilitatorsTRICKS AND TREATS: Facilitating Dialogue for Social Change - Training for Change Manual for Dialogue Facilitators. By Marie Bloom, Training for Change,, 2002, 32 pages.666011-19-2006
Peace Poster - Give Piece a ChanceBy Chris Habib.667001-31-2007
Participant AgreementsThese nine agreements are guidelines to help you participate in ways that carry out the Peaceful Model of human relationships. By Bill Moyer. 1998.668007-10-2007
The FTAA and the SOA - side 2669012-04-2002
The Power of Place How historic sites can engage citizens iTactics analysis. By NewTactics.org669001-22-2008
Tips on Base BuildingHow to build a stronger organizational base. By Greg Akili. 3 pages. 2004. 670010-13-2006
Guide to Social Change Led By and With Young PeopleThe Guide to Social Change Led By and With Young People provides a broad scan of the variety of youth activism underway around the world. Includes brief descriptions and links to dozens of topics, as 672009-19-2006
University of Oklahoma Disorientation Guide 2009By Students for a Democratic Society. 2009. Short - 4 pages.673004-12-2011
Meta Messaging: Framing Your Case and Reinforcing Your AllieOn messaging/framing. By The Praxis Project and the Berkeley Media Studies Group. 2005. 15 pages.675010-13-2006
Divesting from Israel: A HandbookBy Global Exchange. 2003. 18 pages.675011-20-2007
NYS Farmworker Justice Campaign: PetitionNYS Farmworker Justice Campaign: Petition Going to progressive, activist meeting? Take a clipboard and pass around this petition to get signatures. Return address is on the bottom in case it gets 676004-17-2005
Anti-War Speakers - Vietnam, WWII, Iraq, KoreaNY Veterans Speak Out On War visited over 40 NY highschools last year, largely major 'zone' high schools where recruiters are swarming to find inner-cty recruits. We discuss 'the lies' and the reality677010-02-2005
Developing Relationships With ReportersHow to work with reporters to get your message across. By The Spin Project. 4 pages. 2006. www.spinproject.org678010-13-2006
Oxfam Hunger BanquetThis is Oxfam's step-by-step guide on how to organize an Oxfam Hunger Banquet, an interactive poverty simulation. Go to for our free resources.678009-15-2017
Tree Free Action GuideA guide to getting your school to use tree-free paper. By Rainforest Action Network. 6 pages.679001-14-2003
Notes on Consensus Decision MakingBy Randy Schutt. 12 pages.679009-19-2003
Post-Election Analysis for Youth ActivistsStatement from the Young Democratic Socialists in the aftermath of the 2004 elections. This post-election analysis may be helpful for student/youth activists working against the Bush administration a679012-03-2004
Public Education Project (PEP)680009-27-2002
National Tuition Endowment Endorsement FormUse this endorsement to show congress that your student government is in support of the National Tuition Endowment!680003-19-2005
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