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Ruckus Action Planning Manual8 page guide for planning direct action. By Ruckus.1271005-04-2004
History of the War MachineEssay on the birth and growth of today's crisis.1273010-02-2005
Should Students Share the Power?Should Students Share the Power? A Study of their Role in College and University Governance. Excerpts. By Earl J McGrath. 1275009-20-2003
New CAN flyer and index page on CAN historyWe have uploaded CAN's new flyer. Traprock has published an index to its pages documenting the history of the Campus Antiwar Network (CAN). The index is located at
Anti-Free Trade Poster - en EspañolBy Norma Maldonado.1278001-31-2007
Israel Campus Divestment GuideFighting the New Apartheid : A Guide to Campus Divestment From Israel. By Fayyad Sbaihat. 34 pages. 20051281010-01-2005
Meaningful Student Involvement Research GuideSummarizes 15 of the foremost studies supporting students as active partners in school reform efforts. Includes findings and main points.1282006-23-2004
FTAA and the MediaFTAA and Working With the Media. A 16 page booklet on how to communicate about the problems with the FTAA to the media. By the Student Sierra Coalition.1282009-20-2003
U.S. as Fourth Reich?An analysis of why U.S. leaders are pursuing foreign policies that seem calculated to generate hostility against Americans around the world. There is a method in the madness.1283012-07-2002
Building Diverse Community Based CoalitionsBy The Praxis Project. 2002. 5 pages. www.praxisproject.org1284010-13-2006
Economic Paradigm Transformation MapThs map is a model for how to shift the economic paradigm from one that is head centered to one that is heart centered. There are 4 levels this is done at, the inner individual, the outer individual, 1284008-17-2007
Peace with Justice - Education UnitPeace with Justice since 9/11. Unit for doing educational work in three sessions. By SocialJusticeEducation.org1286005-03-2004
Developing a Policy InitiativeIt’s not enough to simply react to issues with demands and counter demands. At some point, if we are serious about building community power, we must shape and initiate public policy. Below are basic1286010-13-2006
Cultivating the Web: High Tech Tools for the Sustainable Foo37 pages By 20081287012-12-2008
Meta Messaging: Framing Your Case and Reinforcing Your AllieOn messaging/framing. By The Praxis Project and the Berkeley Media Studies Group. 2005. 15 pages.1288010-13-2006
Fair Trade Chocolate Action PacketA How-To Guide That Shows What You Can Do to Promote Fair Trade for Cocoa Farmers. By Global Exchange. 45 pages 20031288011-20-2007
BORDC Campus Organizing HandbookThis resources is specifically designed for student organizers seeeking to pass a student government resolution opposing provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act. The handbook includes suggestions for passin1289008-09-2004
Nonviolence Workshop: Sample Agenda6 pages. By Randy Schutt.1291009-20-2003
Introduction to Intersex Activism: A Guide for AlliesBy Intersex Initiative Portland. 2003. 2nd Edition. 32 pages.1292003-15-2012
Effective FacilitationA collection of resources about facilitation.1294007-10-2007
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