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April 20th Anti-War Flier1702003-11-2002
April 20th Anti-War Poster1638003-11-2002
Petition against the New York State Rockefeller drug laws1432003-14-2002
Model Campus Policies on Sexual Harassment and Assault3173003-29-2002
Buy Recycled Guide1724009-26-2002
Public Education Project (PEP)1347009-27-2002
The FTAA and the SOA - side 11361012-04-2002
The FTAA and the SOA - side 21185012-04-2002
FTAA and Gender"Analysis of FTAA text from a Gender Perspective." Describes how the Free Trade Area of the Americas will adversely affect women. 12 pages.1422011-06-2003
Suits & Spooks by John Peck"How to Research, Expose, and Challenge Military and Corporate Influence on Your Campus" - a version of this also appears in Campus Inc. edited by Geoffry White (Prometheus Books 2000)1684001-17-2004
Québec Student Activist Hist"Mémoire sur la mise sur pied de l'Alternative pour une Solidarité Syndicale Etudiante." A detailed essay on Quebec Student Movement History from a pro-student syndicalist (aka student union) pe1722005-06-2003
Revolution Begins in the Sink - Poster"Men and Boys - Revolution Begins in the Sink".2031011-12-2004
Swarmwise: The Tactical Manual To Change The World"'Your most valuable asset isn’t your employees,' I told the executive. 'Your most valuable asset is the thousands of people who want to work for you for free, and you don’t let them.'" 300 pgs. 1782007-23-2017
Side by Side: Protective Accompaniment"Side by Side: Protecting and encouraging threatened activists with unarmed international accompaniment." Tactical analysis from Peace Brigades International. By NewTactics.org1389001-22-2008
Executive Excess 2006: Defense and Oil Executives Cash in o13th Annual CEO Compensation Survey. By the Institute for Policy Studies and United for a Fair Economy. 2006. 60 pages.1478011-19-2006
Activist Research Guide16 pages. By Megan of Vancouver Tao.1814010-01-2002
Notre Dame Disorientation Guide 200020 page booklet explaining what is wrong with Notre Dame, and why and how students can be active. From 2000. Make one of these for your campus!2249004-12-2011
Stanford Reorientation Guide 20092009-2010. 40 pages. 1437004-12-2011
Cultivating the Web: High Tech Tools for the Sustainable Foo37 pages By 20081335012-12-2008
Working with the Media Factsheet4 pages.1603009-20-2003
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