Using MySpace and Friendster for Content Syndication has content that we want distributed. We have several humble RSS feeds. Our upcoming events and new resources are the most popular, however neither is widely used.

So I was wondering how to publicize our feeds using the power of social networking tools like MySpace/Friendster. My belief is that it might be easier to piggy-back on top of social networks, instead of trying to create our own. Creating a network of 10-100 million users would take a lot of CPU power, outreach, and time. At the most basic level, we could encourage people to link from their user profile to their friendster/myspace one.

At a more innovative level, I'd like to include our RSS feeds. MySpace seems more open to this than Friendster, as Friendster is largely closed to outside content. My first idea was to simply include the iframe that we have on the homepage for upcoming events. Unfortunately for us, but fortunately for myspace's security, they turned off iframe support due to its security breach potential.

However, MySpace and Friendster lets you include an externally located image. Thus the solution is to convert your RSS feed into an image. You can dynamically create your image using the relevant PHP library (don't ask me which one, I have next to zero experience dynamically generating graphics). Thus once a day or so you can generate the image. People who want a Campus Activism events calendar in their profile, can simply add a image tag!!!

I'm pretty proud of this idea - as I haven't seen anyone do it.

Update: hmm, I swore I got this working on Friendster yesterday, but now my image doesn't appear. Does Friendster allow you to put external images into your profile or not?

Meanwhile, my MySpace example works
MySpace Example


Ahh, Friendster only works if the user viewing your profile has "Safe Mode" turned off. HTML/CSS and other user-effects only work with safe mode off.