Non-Student Events - National Activism Calendar

The goal of this website ( and is to serve both students and non-students.

However, if you look at our list of upcoming events you will see that around 80% of them are student related. Here are several reasons for this:

1. This site is better plugged into student networks. You might think this is the major reason, but I hypothesize that a key reason is that there are a lot more student grassroots activisty conferences than non-student ones.

2. Students and youth are at a stage in life where they are learning many things and thus are more likely to attend and organize conferences.

3. Students and youth are more available to take time off (less work and family obligations) to attend conferences.

4. Student conferences are subsidized by universities and nonprofits. Registration can be as low as $20, whereas some conferences cost $500.

5. Students can use university facilities to hold conferences more easily and cheaply.

6. Older people tend to attend specialized conferences, like professional ones, that can cost $500. I spend less time trying to list these conferences as they seem less grassroots and less accessible.

7. Older people attend apolitical conferences that are in their profession (Ex. a librarian conference). Sometimes these conferences will have components that are liberal or activist.

My main goal is to help grassroots groups organizing conferences. For instance a state-wide peace conference done by volunteers. Perhaps I should try to do a better job listing national conferences of groups like NGLTF, NAACP, NOW, the ACLU, etc. Otherwise - I'm not sure how to find more of the non-student grassroots conferences, but I'll keep trying!