A Tracking Poll for Radicals

I love polls. I can spend hours looking at the crosstabs. Unfortunately the issues that I care the most about are rarely asked in commercial polls. They miss the fundamental radical questions that get at the root of social problems.

I want to know
-what radicals think of Obama over time (and compare that to the Green Party, Ralph Nader, etc)
-how Trotskyites are doing versus anarchists and socialists
-what radicals think about LGBT marriage
-the ebb and flow of revolutionary sentiment (percent of activists who want to overthrow the US government)
-where radicals think we should focus our energy in building social movements
-how radicals think we can best oppose the US war in Afghanistan

That's why we need to start an online tracking poll!

We could find 1000 people who self-identify as radicals, qualify by taking a test (like the political compass one), and/or are recommended by friends.

We could start off the poll with a basic set of questions that are tracked over time. The people who are being polled could suggest new questions, and vote on which ones to add and which to drop.

This project could be run for free using a website. The anonymized response data would be available to the public for analysis (bloggers, alternative media outlets, academics, etc).

A major disadvantage to this project is that you would be tracking what a non-random set of radicals are thinking, the responses wouldn't represent radicals in general. However, this would still be more accurate than any other way of measuring radical opinion. It would be better than talking to your radical friends, doing an online poll, or reading dozens of articles or emails (written by individual authors). And hopefully this tracking poll would inspire people to come up with better methods of tracking radical opinion.