Obama's Plan to Increase Global Warming

Obama is working on several initiatives to increase global warming at a rate faster than that of the Bush administration.

The US Military
They are the largest source of pollution and global warming of any of the federal government programs. Obama is increasing the military budget (currently at one trillion dollars when you count all of it) at a rate faster than inflation, and is promoting greater US involvement in the military occupation of Afghanistan.

The stimulus bill had 4-5 billion dollars of funding for research into fossil fuels, notably funding for "clean coal" - the capturing and storing of carbon.

Obama has recently announced support for nuclear plants in the form of loan guarantees. If they go through, these will be the first nuclear plants started in the US since 1980! The construction of nuclear plants produces huge amounts of CO2 (concrete is very bad).

Economic Stimulus
Through fiscal and monetary stimulus, Obama is working to increase economic activity and thus return the US to a road of increasing CO2 emissions. By targeting some of the stimulus at middle/lower-middle class Americans, he is putting the money where it will produce the most CO2 per dollar of increased GNP(this is a guess, but I'm betting an accurate one). Rich people produce more CO2 per capita, but a lot less per dollar of their income.

Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation
Obama is doing a couple good things, but very little compared to what is needed.

Aid to the US Auto Industry
If we're going to stop global warming, the auto industry (both domestic and foreign) needs to die (and the workers need retraining in the "industries of the future"). Electric cars, recharged with coal power (or nuclear, gas, or oil), are not the answer.