Occupation Movement - Survey Results

There is a group of people doing research on the Occupation Movements:
Occupy Research

I'm collecting survey results. This is what I have so far:

Survey #1
An in person survey of 198 people at Zuccotti Park on Oct 10/11.
NYC Occupation Survey.

Some results
-56% men (whereas activists tend to be 55% women)
-5% anarchists and 5% socialists (seems low - especially when compared to 6% libertarian and 1% constitutionalist. My guess is that a lot of the people who didn't identify with any political party, and a good number of the Democrats were more to the left than they said. Or maybe NYC has more libertarians because people are richer and whiter than in Philadelphia.)

Online Survey -- #2
Survey results of visitors to Occupy Wall Street website.

Young, white, male. Somehow this is being sold as showing that the protesters represent the 99%. A mere 1.3 % African-American (not including multiracial people) - compared to 12% in the general population. 92% have at least "some college" education. The sample is probably heavily biased by being an internet survey (see how it differs from survey #3), but it still shows some of the lack of diversity in this movement.

OccupyWallSt.org Survey

Survey #3
Oct. 14 to Oct. 18.
301 adults

Occupy Wall Street 301 adults survey

-61% Men
-68% White
-10% African American (much higher than the 1.3% found in the online survey - Online Survey #2)
-67% have some college (much lower than the 92% found in the online survey - Online Survey #2)

Survey #4
David Maris did a survey of 50 participants in NYC.
David Maris NYC Survey