Occupy Movement - The Peak

This chart looks at Google Search trends to examine the growth and decline of the Occupy Movement.

This charts shows "Occupy WallStreet" peaking in the first half of October. By contrast, "Occupy Movement" peaked later - as the movement became less about NYC and more about the rest of the United States (and world). "99%" has shown less variation - a middle road between the other two search terms.

Locally, I think most occupations have two peaks: the first one when they started and the second one when they had their biggest action - typically centered around arrests and an eviction.

Occupy Philly Peak

This shows Occupy Philly getting the most attention when it started, and then again on Nov 17 when there was the largest action organized by Fight for Philly. It is likely that there will be another peak on November 27 as Occupy Philly gets kicked out of Dilworth Plaza (the city has given 48 hours notice for an eviction.)

Occupy Oakland Peak "Occupy Oakland" shows the largest variation in popularity in any term that I examined. The peaks are tied to the police crackdown on the movement and the mass mobilization in response.

Occupy Portland Peak

Shows a big peak when the police evict Occupy Portland and a much smaller peak when Occupy Portland started.

Occupy Austin Occupy Austin is an example of a strong first peak (movement start) and a weaker second peak (arrests and camp eviction.)