US Green Party is Not Running Nader

Most people do not realize that at its political convention the Green Party chose to run David Cobb for president. There are actually two progressive tickets running for office. Nader as an independent and Cobb as a Green.

The Greens choice was close. On an approximately 300 to 200 delegate vote, they went with Cobb over "none of the above" - the latter option was pushed by Nader supporters who wanted the Greens to endorse the Nader canidacy.

So progressives must decide between holding their nose and voting for Kerry, voting for Nader (who is running in all states), or voting for Camejo (who has an official strategy of only running in "safe-states" as he does not want to throw the election to Bush). Needless to say, I'm sure activists will waste a lot of time debating this issue in person and writing long emails. This is time that could be better spent building grassroots movements for social change that will allow a progressive to one day win office and actually be able to enact a progressive program.