Ranked #2 in Google for "Activism"

Do a Google search for "Activism". We're ranked #2!

Back in September 2003, I started wondering why some websites got more traffic than others. I looked into how search engines work, read several books (ex. Search Engine Visibility), and started religiously monitoring Webmaster World.

I decided to take a gamble. We were only ranked around 75th for the activism keyword, but I bet that we could make it into the top ten which is the only way to get a decent amount of traffic. Until last night, we'd be stuck at around 5th, occasionally getting 4th for a couple hours - then suddenly we leapt to 2nd. Who knows if this will last or just be another blip on the screen, but it is a fun ride!

Since September, website traffic has increased from fifty visits per day, to a peak of over four thousand, and then settled down to around 1400.

We're reaching more people which allows us to run a user-driven website and receive enough content to thrive.


Back to #5. On the other hand Google is doing a big shakeup which has caused our website traffic to increase by over 50% to 3000 visits/day.

Make that #4

For the past several months, Google has switched to doing "rolling updates". So instead of doing a big change in their algorithm every several months, they do small changes more frequently. What this means is that you will see your website ranking for different search engine keywords increase/decrease by small amounts on a regular basis. That's probably what we are observing here. Oh well, we are back to fourth spot.

That lasted about a day. Now

That lasted about a day. Now we're ranked #3.

More Changes

Back to #2 in Google (though Google tends to fluctuate). Holding steady at #3 in Yahoo. 41th in Ask Jeeves, but we rank better for other terms.

Traffic is strong at >3000 visits/day.

Yahoo shows mild signs of liking us more, and indexing more of our pages. We still get about 100 times more traffic from Google which is very scary. This website depends almost entirely on Google and Google-powered sites for 98.5% of our search engine driven traffic.

Recently were visited by the Activista bot (a new search engine bot for activists which is very much incomplete) over 150,000 times. It really really likes us. Or, more likely it got caught up in our SEO optimized forum where it visited some of the pages 5000 times...