UC-wide campus worker solidarity
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an email list has been set up to let student activists at various UCs keep in touch about the AFSCME and CUE contract campaigns.

i'm hoping it will be a place where we can
- post updates about how the campaign is going on our campuses (including helpful lessons on what's [not] working),
- share resources such as research, formatted flyers, etc, and
- discuss UC-wide strategy

speaking of updates:
at ucsc, we have a pretty solid student-worker group with about 30 active members and active participation from both AFSCME and CUE (several union organizers come to all our meetings). we put together a big rally for when AFSCME negotiations came to town: http://santacruz.indymedia.org/feature/display/12797/index.php i've heard estimates of turnout at 300-400, but i'm not sure. i was one of the 80 people packed into the negotiation room while speaker after speaker lectured the UC negotiators on institutional racism, etc. and threatened them with occupation and revolt fueled by a strong student-worker alliance. ;) excellent energy, best on-campus action i've ever been involved in.
we're planning on having a several-hour weekend retreat once school restarts in january to make friends and talk about what we want the group to be/do. CUE (coalition of university employees, the union of clericals) will be having its bargaining at ucsc in late January, so we'll be mobilizing for that too. an antiracist training and something local for bush's inauguration on 1/20 are also in the works.

*whew* ok, take care everybody.
-ryan at ucsc
831 331 7611
Added on 12-18-2004
Updated on 12-18-2004

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