Make your Vote Verifiable in 2004

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Hi, my name is Lisa Dangutis. I am running a student campaign for an organization called Verified Voting and we need your help!!!! One of Verified Voting’s urgent goals is to get the federal legislation H.R.2239/S.1980 enacted. These are identical bills, one in the House one in the Senate, which would do a lot to ensure fair elections in November of this year – and the future. They require a voter-verifiable paper record on all voting equipment, and they require voting machine vendors to open their source code to public scrutiny.

Currently, electronic voting machines are not required to produce a paper record that the voter can verify, so there is no way to know the votes were recorded correctly and no way to do a meaningful recount. This means that when you vote, your vote might not count in the next election – and you would never even know. Can you imagine an election in which your vote will not count?

Help us plan for a day of national
student action!!!
Added on 01-09-2004
Updated on 10-18-2006

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