Midwest Student Leadership Conference

Starting Date: 10-14-2005
Starting Time: 6:00pm
Ending Date: 10-16-2005

University Of Wisconsin, Madison
Madison, Wisconsin
United States
This fall is a critical time for our country. We are faced with huge challenges and our leaders are making momentous decisions.

Hurrican Katrina is now considered the worst natrual disaster in United States history. And while we mobilize to provide the needed aid to the Gulf region, we can’t forget that some in Congress are intent upon using this disaster as an excuse to pursue other goals. Under the guise of responding to the Katrina disaster, proposals are being made to, among other things, cut over 9 billion dollars from federal financial aid programs, open the Arctic to oil drilling, and make drastic cuts to anti-poverty programs like foodstamps and medicaid.

Students can play a huge role in adressing these problems and influencing our decision makers. Disaster relief is needed right now and will be needed over the coming weeks and months. Congress will be making decisions on higher education funding and Artic drilling in the next 7 weeks. How students respond will make a big difference.

To that end, we are pulling together action conferences to stop the Raid on Student Aid, protect the Artic from oil drilling and organize a student response to Hurricane Katrina. The three action conferences will take place this October 14-16 as part of the already planned Midwest Student Leadership Conference. The goal of each action conference is to better train ourselves on the issues and the skills we’ll need to provide the strongest possible student response on these three urgent campaigns.

If the Katrina disaster hasn’t “changed everything,” then it has changed many things and our plans for the Student Leadership Conferences are no exception. Please join us as we build an effective student response to the critical issues of the day!

Everyone who wants to take action on one of these campaigns should come to the conference. You can sign up for the conference at:


In addition to these intensive action tracks, the Midwest Student Leadership Conference, which will host these action tracks, will also provide an array of general leadership workshops on different campaigns and skills. The cost of the conference is $65 and there will be free housing available for students that need it.

For more information, visit the conference website at www.trainings.org.

At this critical time, students have an important role to play in shaping the future for the better. We need to take action now to do so.
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