Heartland Bioneers Conference 2005

Starting Date: 10-14-2005
Starting Time: 10:00am
Ending Date: 10-16-2005

SIUC Campus
Carbondale, Illinois 62901
United States
As we inhale, our lungs breath in the Earth, her
knowledge and her despair. On behalf of the Student
Environmental Center, a student organization group from
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, we strive to work
with others to rebuild the earth and ourselves. Through the
use of practical solutions and teamwork, we believe that we can
heal the earth and create social harmony.
Carbondale will be hosting the 2nd Heartland Bioneers
Conference on October 14-16th. Bioneers aims to spread
knowledge and revamp certain pressing issues within society
today, including rebuilding the ecosystem and spreading
environmental and social equality awareness. There will be
speakers, workshops and camping, all covering a wide-range of
By intertwining hope, love of life and mindfulness, we
hope to come together to restore the earth and heal certain
inequalities by spreading knowledge. Harmoniously, we aspire
to breath in-synch with mother nature and fellow man.
Feel free to visit www.heartlandbioneers.org and
www.bioneers.org for more information.
Thanks for your time and have a sunny day.

Geographical Scope: National

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