FMF South Central Collegiate Global Women's and Human Rights Conference

Starting Date: 11-12-2005
Starting Time: 9:00am

University Of North Texas
Denton (Dallas), Texas
United States
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Building on the foundation laid by the National Collegiate Global Women's and Human Rights Conference this past April, the fall conference will educate and mobilize young people to make the connection between a range of feminist and human rights issues. The goal of this conference is to create a supportive network of progressive U.S. policies to confront problems facing women halfway across the world, as well as in our own backyard!

Learn more and take action on women's issues such as sweatshop labor, reproductive rights and health, corporate irresponsibility, HIV/AIDS, education and literacy, slavery and human trafficking, foreign policy, women in conflict, and violence against women.

Questions? Contact the Global Conference Team at 1.866.444.3652 or visit us on the web:
Geographical Scope: Regional

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